Everett Quality Homes has been a premium builder in Dothan for over 40 years with hundreds of happy customers.


We found everything we were looking for in an Everett Construction Company home. We have been pleased with the workmanship, attention to detail and quality of our home as well as the neighborhood in which it is located. A current Everett Construction Company homeowner recommended the builder and the neighborhood to us and we have not been disappointed. We would recommend this builder to anyone looking for a quality home.

Everett Construction is a very professional company, and they build outstanding homes! The quality is bar none, and Mark Everett is there for every need! I would recommend them for anyone looking to own, build or rent!

​​​"Honest, caring, honest, quality, honest.....Mark and Leslie have made the home building process very easy to navigate. These two individuals are superior at what they do. This includes design and layout, as well as quality processes and building a truly exceptional product. They say that as you watch the duck cross the pond, the pond is still and serene, but yet underneath the water the duck's feet are going fast and causing all sorts of movement. We felt through this process that we were always above the water, serene and peaceful, but really Mark and Leslie were doing all of the heavy lifting as the duck's feet beneath the water. Thank you to this company, and to the wonderful couple of Mark and Leslie. You want a builder for your home-THIS IS THE BUILDER!!!!!"

"We purchased a new home from Mark and Leslie last year...After looking at several homes, we found the Everett home to be top quality, well constructed and beautifully designed. The few minor issues we have had were taken care of immediately. I recommend Everett Construction to anyone wishing to build/buy a new home. They are a company that stands by their product and service after the sale!"

"My husband & I have been in an Everett constructed home for almost 3 1/2 years now. From the very first day we met the builder, Mark, until this day, he has been "Johnny on the spot" for each and every question or concern that was brought to the table. I will add, also, that there were very few of those. The integrity of Mark & his company was the second thing that drew us to his homes. His attention to detail in every little nook & cranny of the houses was the first thing The quality of our home is second to none, and we hope to never move from this house, but if so, any other builder will have huge shoes to fill."

"Mark Everett and Everett Construction is my preferred builder in the Dothan, Alabama area.  When my wife and I were looking to purchase a home in 2010, we looked at dozens of homes in the Dothan / Enterprise / Fort Rucker area. We considered the quality of construction, amenities offered,location, reputation of the builder and value versus cost. In each category, Mark's homes were at the top.
Since our purchase, we have been pleased to have Mark work with us in resolving minor issues with the city, and we have sought his advice/counsel/assistance in getting quality craftsmen to build additional cabinetry to further customize our home. Mark has proven to be an honest and fair partner who stands behind his and his craftsmen's work. If we have a question/concern regarding our home or neighborhood, Mark has made us feel welcome to reach out to him and the Everett team. We gained a trusted friend when we joined the family of Everett built homeowners.
Our home is the perfect fit for our family. If you are considering purchasing a new home, we highly recommend you consider an Everett built home."

"I've been in my Everett Construction built home for nearly 2 years and I'm very pleased with the quality of my home. Everett Construction has been exceptionally responsive to the little issues that arise with a new construction, and I will recommend the Everett team to anybody wishing to build a new home."

"Everett built our home and we love it!! Our friends and family notice the attention to detail, quality and wonderful space we have. What few issues or questions we have had, we have never received anything but quick responses and assistance from Everett. And, as an added bonus, we absolutely love our neighborhood! We are pleased with Everett Construction and highly recommend them."

"I recently sold a home listed by Everett Construction. Leslie and Mark Everett were both a pleasure to work with. My Buyer was purchasing a home for the first time, and both Leslie and Mark addressed any questions or concerns my Buyer had immediately. They helped make this a smooth and enjoyable first time home buying experience for my Buyer. I look forward to working with both Mark and Leslie again in the future!"

"I bought my home from Everett Construction and I'm truly pleased with the quality and workmanship of my home. Everett Construction team made me feel like the house I bought was a home from day one. I have and will continue to recommend this builder today and in the future."